About Us

Mission Statement: Delivering Excellence to the Customer!

We focus on:

Customer Satisfaction – working with contractors isn’t always the best experience.  Whether the contractor was unsuccessful at fulling the customers needs or putting them on the backburner by making empty promises. Level Up Tiling does not and will not perform in such a manor. We execute with the utmost respect of our clients needs!

Cleanliness – Construction is messy.  We make sure to implement all necessary products and techniques to ensure the cleanest remodel possible.

Attention to details – We do not believe in sloppy work.  Most Contractors Sub-contract out their work, sometimes never using that sub contractor before, to another company and simply manage a construction project.  We perform all the work unless we’re not licensed for the work or you have your own specialist in mind.  

Benefits of our company:

We’re a small company that grows through learning the correct systems and methods of all aspects of construction.  We take the time to study and learn new products coming onto the market along with tried & true methods from the past.  With years of experience in construction, home remodeling, and previous business ventures, the owner has obtained a certified construction license (CBL) in the great state of Florida into order to deliver quality workmanship for all your residential needs.  We work with the owner(s) to help develop the perfect remodling adventure that will leave them joyful over their new product and estatic about working with us in the future.

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